As cliche as the all-to-familiar statement goes, I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. But I wasn’t merely doodling hearts and toons on my folders, I was carefully analyzing the world and life around me. Sketching and painting what I saw to capture the memories and people that were bound to change and fade. I constantly moved and had the opportunity to see new places and meet a variety of people. I was tedious on details and making everything as close to life like as possible. Art was the biggest constant in my life that never changed, it was my emotional oasis and outlet that simultaneously stimulated me to improve and never plateau.

As I grew as an artist, I began to shift my focus from simple realism to surrealism, being inspired by themes of the human condition and introspection. My artworks are a reflection of myself as an artist, and as a human being, growing and evolving to shift my focus to what the eye cannot see in reality, but experiences of past defeats and how I allowed them to open my mind. My intentions with art are to manifest emotions and the intangible beauty within a human psyche onto canvas, all while utilizing artistic defeats or unsatisfactory results I have with myself or pieces as fundamental aspects to make my artwork more genuine, realistic, and raw.

Alyssa Villela