My journey to becoming an artist:

​”My family and I moved here from St. Louis when I was three years old, and I quickly became an adventurer. We regularly went hiking and to the Oregon coast, where I would always find joy in new little things. I was amazed at such small details, like how the light hit a grain of sand. Soon, the ocean and the mountains found their way into my heart and called to me. As I grew, those calls began to fade. I became serious about school and spent every waking hour on my studies and related events. 

During school, I relished my art class and art teacher. It was the refuge I craved after mathematics, history, and other courses that drained me. I was fortunate to have the art teacher I had. She taught me so much about art and artists. My favorite subject was the impressionists, and I quickly became obsessed with how they used color and loose brush strokes. In that class, I learned that I was a gifted artist….”