October 24th 2020 – November 28th 2020

I came to painting and drawing at the relatively late age of 35. I began doodling on my calendar at work and found that I couldn’t stop. Soon, I was buying paper and pastels and spending more and more of my free time drawing. Pastels changed to acrylic, acrylic moved to oils. I taught myself by trial and error, reading, watching ( thousands of youtube videos) and taking private classes from Alexander Rokoff and Tom Relth.

It amazes me that fifteen years later, painting and drawing are still almost a daily habit for me. When I began, I always thought this was going to be a private hobby. However, as I grew as an artist I wanted to show my work to people. Friends began buying paintings. People kept telling me you should exhibit in a gallery. So this year, I finally got up the nerve to apply for a call to anopen show at Phoenix Rising Art Gallery and was accepted! So now I guess I can call myself an artist. Who knew it would get this far?

For me, the process of creating the art is the greatest joy. I hope that this joy comes through in the art and translates to the viewer. Hundreds have offered me encouragement along the way and I can’t thank you enough. I am happy to consider commissions of people, pets, places and things.

Find out more about my art and poetry at scottpoole.com.

Scott Poole: Fine Art & Poetry

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Kristin Bell: Science Illustration

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I have been drawing since I was a child, and for me, art has always been one of my favorite ways to explore the natural world. I got my degree in Environmental Studies, and went back to school to get my graduate degree in Science Illustration. I have always loved creating art, and my goal is always to create something that is not only beautiful but engaging as well.

As an artist, I love creating beautiful images that will spark a connection with people. Whether that is an image of a rare wild species, or an engaging portrait of a beloved pet, my goal is to create art that people will care about. I have worked with the Smithsonian and several conservation groups to create art that helps get the public interested about the research and work that is being done to help preserve some of the wild places left on our planet. I am passionate about conservation, and there is nothing I love more than knowing that I helped inspire someone to care more about the natural world.

My work has been published on the Smithsonian website and in several magazines, and I also create commissioned pieces as well. I love doing custom animal illustrations, and I have also worked on pet portraits and tattoo designs. If you are interested in having me create a custom piece for you, please reach out!







My name is Aaron Potter, I have called Vancouver, WA home for over 22 years.

My background began in art began with graphic design and allowed me to fall in love with photography immediately after high school. Experimenting with the early first generations of digital cameras creating long exposures and going out for night drives on the weekend. I quickly began developing a clean, bold and vivid style. After selling some artwork online and locally, I began to invest time and money in photography equipment to create my business ‘OneBloom Photography’ in 2005 at only 19 years old.

The timing of this was truly unfortunate. My father passed away suddenly after Christmas in December 2005. This further motivated me to quit the pursuit of marketing in College and direct my mourning toward creating something my father would truly be proud of.

My fathers last words were ‘The light is everything…’, in an email. These words have rang through my head since.

In 2006 I pursued my formal education and training in photography at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. While there, I learned that the expanding field of photography fuels my passion and feeds my soul more than any other art form.

In addition to my love of landscape photography, I have captured hundreds of weddings, many portraits and commercial photographs.


Some of my most beloved images are on display here and this is my first featured gallery display.

As you view these images, I want you to feel as if you have traveled with me, scouted out some of these beautiful places and you too are there sharing the ever fleeting moments. The light is everything…

Aaron Potter: Photographer

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Malee Octavia

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Permanently Exhibiting in the Gallery

(is the owner/ manager as well as has a working studio in the space)

Artist’s Statement: I have been interested in artwork my entire life. I also have many artists in my own family. I wasn’t officially introduced to painting until I was about 15 years old by my cousin. I started to take it more seriously, as something I would want to do more as a profession, about 6 years ago.

I taught myself how to draw using instructional books and taking time out of my own day and evenings to practice and get better. I ended up taking 2 years of semi private art lessons at The Roaming Studios in Portland, OR. After that I went back to doing art on my own.

May 2017 I was in my first art show through Raw Artists. I had my own art display at the Hawthorn Theater in Portland,OR. I was scouted online to be a part of the show and I am on the wait list to be a part of another art show in Boise, ID in July 2019. I know that art is a never ending process and I will always be working on getting better. I am excited about what the future will bring in regards to my art.

I have also done commissioned works for different people and have had people from Australia, India, and in different parts of the US buy my artwork. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you want a commission done or have any questions or comments.