Reahna Miller was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She has always felt a deep connection with the evergreen trees, lush landscapes and the ocean. Ridgefield, Washington with all its beautiful scenery and hometown feel, seemed like the perfect place to raise a family. So it is there, Reahna and her husband reside and raise their three beautifully unique teenagers and two dogs.

Reahna has a bachelor’s degree in accounting which has propelled a career in banking operations she enjoys very much. However, it does not fill her deeply rooted need to be creative.

She describes creative expression as her deep non-guilty obsession. An old piece of furniture, a piece of wood, rocks; she sees blank canvases everywhere. Her mind is always thinking about how she can transform the simplest things into works of art.

In early 2019, she discovered alcohol ink and fell in love, “Alcohol ink is so unruly and unpredictable, it’s liberating. The ink demands the artist let go and allow the life of the piece to become organically. It is peaceful.”

For Reahna, art is therapy. She pours herself into every piece, large or small. Sharing that passion with others is the icing on the cake.