My name is Ryan Chapman. I am a Visual fine artist and illustrator currently based in Vancouver, WA. I Earned my BFA in illustration at the University of Hartford in 2016. After graduating I lived in Europe for a year working at Breakthru Films as a painter/ animator on the Oscar nominated major motion picture Loving Vincent (2017). After returning home to Connecticut, I moved across the country to Vancouver, WA, where i currently live. Since graduating, in addition to my work as an animator, i have also participated in many group exhibitions at several fine art galleries, some of which include; The Salmagundi Club (NY), Dacia gallery (NY), Five Points Gallery (CT), The MEAM (Barcelona), Sothebys (LA), and the Silpe Gallery (CT).

I have been drawing for as long as i can remember, and today, drawing still remains the foundation of even my most stylized work. However, once i discovered oil paint in college, i instantly knew that i was going to be an oil painter from then on. I am interested in painting a wide variety of subjects, but my most recurring themes are nature and the human figure. I have a deep fascination with nature, which is why i moved to the Pacific Northwest. I find a lot of inspiration in the imposing, grand beauty of the natural world, and although most of my studio work is figurative, i get a great deal of inspiration while painting landscapes while out hiking. Much of my recent work focuses on the dichotomy of the enduring yet fragile balance of nature and the human experience. Recently, i have been applying much of my experience as an animator to my oil paintings to create a sense of movement in my paintings. While working on Loving Vincent, i painted over 800 oil painted frames in the style of Van Gogh, an artist who really inspired my transition into oil painting as a young artist. During that time, i began seeing how his paintings truly captured movement and atmosphere, something that i have been striving to convey in my own work.