My name is Samantha Patterson, I’m a 3rd generation Oregonian and reside in Beaverton, OR, United States. 

I find inspiration in many places, but Oregon Forests and the Oregon Coast has influenced my creative style and process the most. I create to detach from the stress and worry of daily life, yet mindfully explore my environment in a way that allows me freedom of expression and a space to ignore rules that don’t suit me. I specialize in Watercolor and I focus on Landscapes, but I do like to branch out into botanical studies and paint the occasional portrait. I also enjoy working with gouache and acrylic, often combining them in my watercolor paintings.

I have been creating art for 12 years, although some would argue it’s been much longer than that. I am always exploring different styles, but I would say my art general art style is Contemporary Impressionism. I am motivated by my children who inspire me everyday with their joy and energy, by my husband who has supported my artistic journey since we were 16, and the memory of my mother, who always found pride in everything I did and gave me the courage to face every obstacle I’ve come up against. I am inspired by my favorite artists Edgar Degas, Georgia O’Keefe, and Claude Monet. I find their work to be moving. My current work can be found on Instagram @artzisammi.

When people see my work, I hope to invoke emotions through my art. I want the viewer not just feel as if they are looking in, but to feel as if they are in the scene, and able to feel the atmosphere of the painting.