“As an artist, I enjoy  using many tools and mediums to create. I am a painter, an illustrator, photographer and seamtress. I love working with my hands, and having a physical relationship with my work. When I paint I work at large scale, using acrylics, and the images for my paintings come to me intuitively . I like to draw in my sketchbook often to remember images that come to mind or things I see.

Making art is therapeutic for me, and so I’m interested in how the process of making it can affect both our minds and bodies. Discovering a new way to make a color, or to use a brush texture in a painting are therapeutic because each provide a more comprehensive way to express myself. Painting empowers me on many levels.  

I enjoy visual symbolism. I like to explore the subconscious, my imagination, and  representations of reality in the world. My work can be whimsical and colorful while also exploring interests I have in both esoteric and spiritual symbolism. I  am inspired by Eastern, Western, Native American and mythological symbolism. The work I create feels like a message I need to share with the world.”